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Almost there…

Someday soon I’ll get the site design done – then I can start spreading my great knowledge like manure on the field (that’s you, btw).

I think I like this theme, so next up is, say, a logo and maybe some personal touches.  I think I’m to the “throw pillows” stage of redecorating.  Then again, the introduction of a tasty beverage or twelve to this may cause another complete redesign, let’s just wait and see!

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Welcome to the wonderful world in my brain!

This is the future home of much ranting and suggestions on everything I feel like screaming at someone with the bad luck to be nearby.  The design is still being formed, and I’ve abandoned my plans to write my own admin in favor of WordPress.

In the future, you’ll find posts on the topics of photography, robotics, computing and my thoughts toward general and specific stupidity.  Stay tuned!

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