Egg drop log, day 1 (6 days till drop)

I signed up for an Egg Drop contest today.  To most people, this is a fun diversion.  Not to me.  I’m a Physics Geek – this is a battle for honor.  The family will be shamed if I fail.  Technically speaking, they look kinda ashamed that I’m a Physics Geek to begin with, but that’s beside the point.

Each participant received a bag of parts that can be used to construct their vehicle.  The contents were:

  • 10 thin tongue depressors
  • 3 sheets foam
  • some toothpicks
  • some q-tips
  • 1 1.25oz bottle school glue
  • 1 perforated plastic craft sheet
  • 16 pipe cleaners
  • feathers
  • putty
  • 2 cupcake cups
  • 1 piece felt
  • 4 baloons
  • 16in plastic strap
  • paperclips
  • 1 random item

Some of the random items people received were sandals, rubber animals, mini purses and feather dusters.  Mine is a flowery Hawaiian lei.  The random item must be used.  The participants can substitute one item of their choosing for one of their standard items, so long as the finished vehicle fits within 1ftx1ftx1ft and has no parachute.  The egg must be visible from the outside.

My design is starting as a standard rocket-looking body with a weighted wooden nose designed to shatter on impact.  The theory behind this is that enough weak school-glue joints (and toothpicks and tongue-depressors) will shatter to absorb a significant portion of the energy.  The egg will be suspended in a pipe-cleaner cradle padded with feathers and using uninflated balloons as further shock absorbers.  The plastic craft sheet will be the body, sewn into a tube with pipe cleaners and reinforced with whatever’s left.  The leftover glue bottle and putty will weigh down the nose and the lei and some craft foam will cause drag on the rear.

Considering I’ve devoted two hours to this project on company time, I think I can set it aside for a bit.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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