Public Service Announcement: Grocery shopping

I have just returned from the grocery store with frozen chicken, frozen pizza, frozen burritos, taquitos, pizza bites & (not frozen) soy sauce. What made me do this terrible act? Hunger.

I’ve been going to roller derby referee practice for some months now & I’m still plagued by the same trouble: there isn’t enough time to eat before practice, and waiting until afterward leaves me starving. By now I’ve tried every horrible concoction in the frozen foods isle (except those things that look healthy) because of the tantalizing pictures on the boxes of shredded animal bits pressed into animal-inspired shapes. I must find a solution!

Now, the obvious one would be to grab a snack bar as I walk out of work or to have a plan for dealing with the hunger that didn’t involve a bag with the word “Chicken” in quotes because the authenticity of said critter is a bit uncertain. But no, those solutions are too easy. I must press on until I find a way to conquer hunger with little or no forethought and only a limited quantity of barbecue sauce.

Fruits and vegetables? What, are you crazy?!?!

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